Tax free groups in Florida Under the program, the company leases acreage to farmers and then takes over after termination of the lease to further develop the land into pasture. Other benefits are strap molasses. Weather is the main located in a corner of the property.

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It's economall summer long. It's the sensible, practical way to control bloodsucking worms and annoying horn flies Pressure-c mnn other equipment. Last Wednesday was no exception. Junior yearling bulls 4 -Sugarland's Philoso Available now-bulls 14 to 30 months of age-all with performance records. Belle Glade was the owner of Miss Ellen Kelley, taking the seniors. Just the thing to save you time and trouble, especially if your's is a large operation. A field day was set for the Caloosa Experimental Range. Seepage irrigation is a method of applying water beneath H.

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Brahmans are necessary for Cattle Profits under todays conditions Summer two year old bulls 2 --Sugarland's RWJ bulls have high weaning weights-up to lbs. But a start had to be the manufacture of kraft products. Smith is representing the Florida CowBelles as chairman of the contest and hopes that each county will be represented with an entry when the judging takes place at Hollywood in June. Courtenay of TallaGrazing was begun in the spring of growing pines are more susceptible to hassee, it is one of Florida's 19 chamn; trees averaged 12 feet tall.

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Many cattle and timbermen in the more open areas of south and central Florida are already practicing good management. Box Orange Ave. Rikel complains that the recall cost more because opponents tried to stand at supermarkets to oppose the recall. If you want these qualities in tary of the American-International duerd ore odefates. The acquisi- E1 nimalNtrition PAGE 12 cattle spraying's a natural for.

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Amerscan Just the thing to save you time and trouble, Breeders Service, Ic. The period of fire and P per acre increased forage quality was less rapid following winter protection may extend seven to 10 four-fold to pounds per acre under fires in Georgia. A hen we had setting on Phone IDlewood duck eggs set for six weeks and finally hatched one duck. They tween landowner, industry, and the For this group was instrumental in ef- were not despoilers of the land, as Florida Forest Service. Florida's Timber Future, the author pointed out that the state's original timbered GREAT AREAS were stripped of timber in the early years of the state's history, as area, some 28 million acres, had been the sound of the settler's axe rang through the forests. Note that Mix No.

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Closing date 10th of preceding month; in circulation 25th of January The trees are averaging about 25 to 30 feet in height in his planted section and Leslie is getting ready to start culling and clearing out in his 12 acre tract. The answer to the tax problem BoyerDavid B. Trees are given the more important than ever.

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